Insurance Plans

Our plan works for you, with or without insurance.

With or without health insurance, the needs, convenience, and savings of stand-alone telehealth plan for your employees are measurable.

There is no qualifying required and no exemptions for any pre-existing conditions. All employees whether full or part time w-2 or independent contractors are eligible. Our plan not only covers every employee but covers their entire immediate household as well.

All this is provided with 24/7/365 unlimited access.

Employees can now enjoy consultations when and where the employee or household member needs arise.

No Insurance Plan

Our plan is a stand alone employee benefit and works well in the absence of any existing insurance.  It is not an insurance product or a replacement for health insurance.

Our plan is an affordable alternative to healthcare access for an employer and can even be a valuable complement to individual insurance an employee may have. Generalized annual utilization reports can be provided to aid in further enhancement strategies for the employer as well.

Existing Insurance Plans

Our plan works well with existing insurance benefits you are providing to your employees.

As a stand alone benefits program, we can provide annual utilization reports at renewals for premium mitigation, and our unlimited entire household use helps drive utilization not normally seen in any telehealth service within existing insurance.

Self-funded employers have seen drastic cost reduction measures in underlying claims. ROI analysis can be provided in conjunction with ongoing claims. Our plan is a great complement to high-cost or high-deductible plans and can provide a benefit to non-qualified employees.

Cost Savings and ROI

Employees and household patients visiting an ER, urgent care clinic or even office visits for routine medical and behavioral care incur enormous expenses.  Our plan provides consultations that are low-cost alternatives for non-emergency medical care which drive down employer and employee healthcare costs. 

  • Average cost for an ER visit nationally- $1389  (Health Care Cost Institute)
  • Average cost for an urgent care visit nationally – $155   (Annals of Internal Medicine)
  • Average cost for an office visit nationally – $103.  (Health Care Cost Institute)

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