6 Easy Steps to Implementing Our Program

Congratulations on the decision to provide our health benefits program to your employees!

The process to get started is as simple!

Step 1: Employee provides 5 simple pieces of information – Name, gender, date of birth, address and email address.

Step 2: Complete and submit a census/employee list by the 24th of the month prior to activation date.

Step 3: Once the final total of participants is determined and submitted, we will charge the monthly fee on the 25th of each month through your registered ACH account.

Step 4: Your employee(s) will receive a welcome email with their specific employee/membership code on the last day of the month before they go active. A second email will arrive shortly after with their discount card information.

Step 5: After receiving their email with instructions, employees download the easy to use app on their smartphone, utilize a computer or laptop and supply their medical history through the secure, and HIPPA compliant, system.

Step 6: Your employees are ready!

It’s that simple to have the entire household covered! Employee engagement will increase and the benefits to you as the employer will become increasingly evident

Get started today!

Get affordable health care benefits to help you attract and retain good employees.
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